Jewellery Care

Sterling Silver:

Silver will naturally tarnish when exposed to the air. Store in an airtight container or small ziploc bag. Polishing clothes are a good choice for cleaning your silver.  


Gold develops a film build up from lotions, powders, soaps and natural skin oils which takes away its natural patina. Chemicals in the airs can also oxidize it depending on the karat grade. Always remove gold jewelry when swimming in a pool or using household cleaners as these can erode gold jewellery, create abrasions or reduce abrasions. Keep gold pieces in a fabric lined jewellery box or a compartmental box.  


The more a stone is exposed the more vulnerable it is to damage and loosening. At home ultrasonic cleaners can loosen gem settings. Repeated rough treatment and wear can loosen all settings which could result in losing your gemstone. Have your jewellery checked periodically for cleaning and security. 

To clean:

1. Soak your jewellery in a warm solution of one part Mr. Clean All-Purpose Cleaner) with four parts warm water. 

3. Softly scrub your soaked jewellery with a soft bristle toothbrush

3. Brush gently around any prongs and/or channels of your ring to avoid having a bristle snag. 

4. Rinse your jewellery with lukewarm water - but Never over an open drain - dry with a soft cloth