Repairs & Redesign

I work with customer to make their own jewellery beautiful and wearable again by: 

- restringing pearls and necklaces

- sizing rings and bracelets

- replacing lost or damaged gemstones

- checking and tightening all the stones in gemstone jewellery

- fixing broken chains and clasps

- polishing and refurbishing jewellery that has lost its luster or finish

- working to restore heirloom and unique jewels so that they can be worn and enjoyed again

- engraving

- plating (Rhodium, Gold, Silver)

I offer many jewellery solutions. Pieces that are unwearable or out of date can be redesigned to fit your personal style. 

- lost earrings, either making mates of the one lost earring or recreating a design of a lost pair

- pendants can be made into rings

- pearls or beads can be restrung incorporating different effects and made into different length necklaces or bracelets

- rings that no longer fit can be modified to fit perfectly and painlessly

- tinys clasps that are difficult to open can be changed to larger, easier to use ones

All these services will ensure the safety and longevity of your jewellery so it can be enjoyed for many years to come.